Are you environmentally conscious? Are you in the market fora new HVAC system for your home? I'm a licensed HVAC contractor and want toreveal what I personally see in the field every day. Before you make thatdecision I will enlighten you of the problems in homes here in the DFW area.From my own personal experience, most homes have flex duct circulating the air.The problem is the poor techniques and workmanship. The common flex ductproblems I see include:

• Turning radius are too tight

• Excess flex in runs

• Flex not supported adequately, pinching

• Flex runs too small in diameter especially return air

• Flex not pulled tight, straight

• No use of wyes, elbows to reduce friction

• Use of duct board made boxes to split trunk is a huge restrictionto airflow

These problems causes inadequate air flow which results inloss of capacity, efficiency, and reliability (due to refrigerant floodback tothe compressor). Air flow is so critical of the HVAC equipment and trulydetermines the Energy Star SEER rating of the system. Air is the medium bywhich we transfer heat energy from and to the conditioned space. There areSecrets of the Psychrometric Chart, I can show you. Move more air means movemore heat. Lower air flow below the manufacturer design reduces the life of theequipment and cause an increase in service cost. You paid for 18 SEER, how doyou know your return on investment is par? How do you know your Energy is aStar?